The best corrosion resistance on the market

Exceptionally high standards have been set to ensure the durability of KINGI® metal roofing screws. KINGI® screws last long in hard corrosion environments. KINGI® screws are also an ecological choice as the long lifecycle of the screws reduces the need for replacements and cuts down the amount of waste.


The patented Durabl3-coating system withstands the mechanical abrasion caused by the installation and protects the screws against the corrosion. The corrosion resistance of KINGI® screws is excellent even in corrosion class C4. The Durabl3-coating system is not damaged during the installation when the specially measured KINGI socket is used.


KINGI® metal roofing screws are made of hardened steel that provides strength and durability needed for the installation. It also makes the screws long-lasting. Radialco-design secures sufficient coating thickness for the corners and edges too.


The Registered Community Design (RCD) protected CrownD-design enables water to flow away from the top of the screw reducing the risk of corrosion. The CrownD-design head fits firmly into the KINGI® socket and ensures steady installation.

ISO 9001 –laatusertifikaatti

ISO 9001 – Quality Certificate

Tested Durability

The durability of KINGI® metal roofing screws has been tested through a series of demanding tests. Quality of the screws is continuously monitored by independent institutes.

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Kingi’s Story

The modern color coating of the metal steel sheets guarantees a good corrosion resistance even in the demanding climates. In the 1990s, Jorma Kinnunen invented the Pural® color coating, used by SSAB (Rautaruukki/Ruukki), which was evaluated to be the best color coating on the market.

Durability of the metal steel roof can now be improved further by using KINGI® metal roofing screws – also invented by Jorma Kinnunen. KINGI® screws can be used even in the corrosion class C4, which is the same corrosion class than what the best color coated metal steel sheets are developed for. The KINGI® screws are a remarkable combination of quick and easy installation as well as excellent corrosion resistance. These are the top qualities that KINGI® screws are known for.

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