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KINGI® metal roofing screws are the choice of professionals. The screws last as long as the best metal roofs on the market. KINGI® screws ensure a quick and easy installation, and durability of the roof, cost-effectively.

Quick and easy installation that does not scratch the metal steel sheets, saves time and money. Your staff and your clients will be satisfied with a metal roof where screws are mounted properly, and there are no traces of painting to cover scratches, and there is no corrosion.

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If you want to offer the best for your clients, your only choice is KINGI®.

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Jussi Selin
Export Manager (Scandinavia, Estonia and Western Europe, North America, Oseania)
+358 400 291 625

Ilpo Heikkilä
Export Manager (Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia, South America)
+358 400 295 639