An innovator of corrosion-resistant building materials

Kingi is a Finnish innovator of corrosion-resistant building materials. Its crown jewel is the metal roofing screw that excels in terms of its installation strength and corrosion-resistance. The KINGI® metal roofing screw is the best fastener for metal roofs on the market.

Kingi was born to answer the needs of clients and builders of metal steel roofs. Kingi develops and produces corrosion-resistant building products that respond to the needs of the authorities as well as those of more demanding builders. With color coated steeling product development, Kingi seeks to create durable, quality and cost-effective building solutions. Kingi’s mission is to improve the value of real estates, and offer carefree living.

Kingi’s products are ecological due to their long lifecycle and recyclability. All the products also have long guarantees. In the product development and testing, a special attention is paid for minimizing environmental risks by increasing recyclability and sustainability.

Most of the production of the KINGI® metal roofing screws is done in Finland. KINGI® screws are produced with Finnish fastidiousness and top expertise, and the company has awarded the Key Flag seal by the Association for Finnish Work. If you value quality, sustainability and durability, then KINGI® is the choice for you.

As a company, Kingi is driven by openness, honesty and trustworthiness. Keeping promises, good customer service and high-quality products are a matter of honor for everyone at Kingi. The company is managed with certified ISO 9001-quality system.

Kingi is an innovative company that is always looking for options to extend their expertise to new regions and industries. Kingi offers modern and functional work environment to its employees. Every employee has their area of responsibility, and everyone can participate in the development of the company. Customer feedback is one of the main drivers of the company.

Kingi has recently started a new project to develop future products. The project is funded by Tekes, Finnish Funding Agency.

Kingi aims to build a sustainable business, and the owners have committed themselves for the long-term development of the company. Kingi has been granted the highest AAA creditworthiness rate by Bisnode.

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