Privacy policy of Kingi

Cookies are used on the webpage — Cookies are small text data that’s stored in your device, if you visit our homepage, for example.

The aim of the cookies is to improve the user experience of visitors and to collect statistical data by which we can analyze and develop our webpages. We use cookies on our webpages in several different ways, for example, for storing form data and for memorizing language choices. We use third-party cookies for collecting statistics about visitors to our webpage (Google Analytics) and directing advertising (Google AdWords). We do not collect data on the basis of which a single user could be identified.

The use of cookies is always carried out by the agreement of the user. You can delete cookies from your browsing history after you visit or you can prohibit the use of cookies altogether. You can prohibit Google Analytics from using data by means of Google instructions. You can prohibit the use of cookies related to the directing of ads by means of Google ad settings.